The Real Costs Of Full-Time Vs. Flexible Lawyers

Introducing the Real Cost Calculator, a proprietary tool from Axiom
that enables GCs to identify hidden hiring expenses.


Building a high-performance legal department requires an understanding of the cost structures of both full-time and flexible lawyers. 

Salary and bonus alone are a woefully insufficient measure of cost per full-time hire, leaving many GCs in the dark on this metric. 

To help shine a light on the true costs of legal hiring, Axiom designed the Real Cost Calculator, part of the new eBook “The Real Costs Of Full-Time Vs. Flexible Lawyers.” 

Download this eBook below to ensure your legal department is performing at a high level. 

It includes:

  • Axiom’s proprietary Real Cost Calculator

  • How flexible talent optimizes spend, risk, and people management

  • 3 steps for building a high-performance blended-team legal department

Presented by Axiom