Powered by crypto: your future law firm?



On-Demand Webinar:

It’s no secret that crypto continues to make mainstream inroads in varied areas of U.S. commerce and legal practice.  

For lawyers at small firms, for example, divorces are increasingly giving rise to disputes over crypto, particularly as jilted litigants look to shield their wealth from their former spouse. 

And attorneys are increasingly leveraging the blockchain throughout their business — from smart contracts to payment arrangements — while the growth of the metaverse presents myriad opportunities and risks.  

Join us for this free webinar presented with our friends at Embroker, where our expert panel will provide practical guidance on the areas where crypto and blockchain are emerging in the life of a law firm. 

You’ll learn:

  • How crypto is impacting the practice at small law firms 
  • The business opportunities that blockchain presents 
  • What lawyers need to know about crypto to be well-positioned for the future

If you are not able to join at that time, please register now and a replay
will be made available on demand.