On-demand Webinar: Maintaining A Resilient Legal Function During A Downturn
Hear Practical Guidance From Legal Leaders Who've Successfully
Led And Empowered Teams Through Volatility, Hiring Freezes, workload surges, and budget cuts. 


On Demand:

We invite you to join us for a conversation with Sam Miller,
Legal & Executive Consultant (former VP, Deputy General Counsel at Intel) and Heather Deane (Vice President, Technology Practice at Axiom) who will discuss strategies and
key considerations for managing through downturns without
losing sight of the future.

They will share best practices, including lessons learned from previous downturns:
  • Finding solutions to hiring freezes, team productivity and new workstreams
  • Making the most of a limited budget
  • Advantages and trade-offs involved in your resourcing options
Heather Deane, Vice President, North American Technology Practice
Sam Miller, Legal and Executive consulting Services, Former Vice President and
Deputy General Counsel, Intel


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