How Visionary GCs Can Find
The Ideal Risk-Revenue Balance

Can your legal team be an active driver of your organization’s revenue lifecycle management? Read on to find out.


Legal teams are tasked with balancing between sell-side contract review and revenue support while mitigating risk within the organization. 

The two goals can often feel in direct opposition to each other, with the responsibility resting on the legal department’s shoulders. 

In this eBook, our friends at Conga detail how adopting a new technology to automate the contract management process can help teams find the right balance — and turn your legal team into an active driver in your organization’s revenue lifecycle management process.

Read on to learn: 

  • How to transform the relationship between legal and sales from a service center model to a mutually beneficial partnership
  • How you can address the gap in legal technology adoption to shine a light on the future of revenue lifecycle management
  • How to unlock end-to-end visibility of the customer lifecycle
  • All about contract intelligence and the benefits it can provide