Contract Negotiation Confidential: 7 Things You Didn’t Learn in Law School

07_DG_eBook_7-Contract-Negotiation-Tips-Law-Schools-Dont-Teach_Updated-Thumbnail-2048x1650Contract negotiation requires more than facts, data, and textbook techniques. And whether you're a new attorney or have a few years under your belt, there's room to improve. 

We all know the basics - build rapport, act ethically, and communicate clearly. But as newly minted lawyers learn quickly: in-the-seat performance demands more. 

Sharpening your negotiation skills takes reps; there's simply no substitute for experience. Top performers have this, but they also rely on self-taught tips and tricks that weren't taught in law school. 

In this guide, seasoned lawyers reveal contract negotiation tips that won't show up in a Contracts 101 textbook. From these conversations, we've highlighted seven tips to boost value, efficiency, and outcomes.