A Year in Review: Privacy Law in 2018

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The past year has been a momentous year for privacy law. Obviously, the implementation of the GDPR was the most significant change in privacy regulation in decades.  As more personal information has become digitized, the GDPR is a response to growing concerns about what data is being collected, who’s collecting it, where it’s being stored, who has access to it, and how it can be used .

Meanwhile, in the United States, recent legislation such as the CLOUD Act further underscores how the legal landscape surrounding privacy is constantly changing, as are the roles of lawyers who specialize in it.  

Privacy law has become one of the hottest practice areas in the legal industry. In partnership with our friends at Thomson Reuters, we present A Year in Review: Privacy Law in 2018.  This free eBook offers a comprehensive overview of trends and developments in privacy practice, including:

  • Insights About GDPR Compliance  

  • How The Cloud Act May Rain On The Privacy Of Your Data

  • Why Blockchain And The GDPR Collide Over Your Personal Data

  • Attorneys’ Duties to Protect Client Data

In addition, our Year in Review includes a look at the The ATL Top Law Firm Privacy Practices, a round-up of the most active and relevant major law firms in this complex and rapidly evolving practice area.